good news and bad news.

first the good news:

yesterday I had a date at the genius bar.

because I decided Gary was no longer smart, nerdy or geeky enough for me. *wink*

so I batted my eyelashes at this guy:


and he immediately offered to replace the hard drive and optical drive on my macbook under ONE condition: if I promised that I'd do a little shopping at H&M (conveniently located next door) afterwards.

are you kidding me?  now THIS was a guy after my own heart.  

so now hopefully, just hopefully, this will be the end of my computer woes. 

now for the bad news:

since apple did not have the part I needed in stock, my macbook had to get shipped out to be repaired.


as I cried my heart out on his shoulder, he patted my back and assured me I would have it back in my posession in about 4-5 days.

now go shopping, he told me.  *sniff* okay, I said.

so in the meantime, I am left to wrangle with my darling children for a time slot on this dinosaur desktop.  as I type, my 4 year-old is screaming in my ear patiently waiting to get on to "phoebe" s kids (pbskids.org).  yeah, she thinks she owns the website.

apparently I'm raising a bunch of computer freaks.

heaven help us all.



Selma said...

ohmygosh! Will you give me this guy's name?! He is SO adorable, I can hardly stand it.

jessica said...

no way, Selma. he's mine. ALL mine. hee.

Brita said...

lol...where oh where do you get these pictures from?! Gave me a good chuckle:)