more mac woes.

yep.  but the good news is is that this has been a great learning experience for my hubby.  he's been learning all about these imacs.  okay, so maybe he was forced.  any which way, he thinks he finally figured out the issue. 

so with no computer that leaves me to sort socks.

and continue on with my exercise regiment.  yeah there's this Jillian Michaels DVD I've been doing...or rather trying to do.  oh let me tell you that lady is tough!  my hamstrings loathe her.  and every other body part as well.  anyway there's this one particular exercise where you go down on one knee and then the other and then back to standing one leg at a time all while holding 5 pound weights above your head.  repeat at full speed until you see vomit.

sound fun?

stick around for next week.  I have a fun etsy giveaway planned.  and the rest will be a surprise.  for both you and me.  heh.

have a great weekend!


1 comment:

Keilah said...

sounds like a DVD I'll stay away from! lol
Oh and while your at it, do you want my mismatched sock basket too? :)