bat boy.

the kids were plastering themselves with halloween-themed tattoos the other day and Rowan ended up with a bat on his forehead.

and then Gary made the mistake of acting all scared of him (which Rowan thought was super funny, of course.)

and so for the next half hour we got to play the "let's pretend we're scared of Rowan" game, where he would run up to us, flap his arms and yell "screeech, screeech!" and then we would have to act all frightened and scream "eeek, oh nooo! a bat!" and then he would fall on the floor and laugh and laugh and laugh.

repeat 57 times.  

and then, upon seeing the camera, he immediately reverted back to his grumpy old self.

oh you little stinker.



Jess said...

oh is he ever just stern!! :) cutie!

Anonymous said...