it's that time of year.

at least I didn't say it's that time of the month.  heh.

we have approached that time of year again when the Phoenicians start to gloat about the beautiful weather.  and after suffering through months of blistering heat, they rightfully deserve to do so.

meanwhile, those of us here in Flagstaff are starting to get a little anxious about the weather.  because, well, we could soon be buried under ten feet of snow.  

what?  did she just say it snows in Arizona?  if you're a little confused, here's a quick lesson in geography for you.

when you picture Arizona, what comes to mind?  most likely you envision desert... arid, hot, dusty and so on.  but you probably don't think snow, right?  
well, believe it or not, the state of Arizona actually consists of seven climate zones, which range from desert to tundra and everything in between.    

situated in the mountains at over 7000 feet elevation, Flagstaff is typically 20 to 30 degrees cooler than Phoenix.  so during the winter months, when it's 60 degrees and raining in Phoenix, that means it's 30 degrees and snowing in Flagstaff.  and we don't measure snow in inches here, people.  we go straight to feet.  seriously, I have pictures to prove it.  but the nice thing is, it melts fast.  and we don't have to deal with the sub-zero temps, either.

on the flip side, when it's 110 degrees in Phoenix in July and folks are stranded indoors, we're up here sipping fraps on our back porch enjoying the beautiful 80 degree day.  

and if you were so inclined, say in like february, you could actually go from golfing to skiing, all in the same day.  wow, talk about a versatile climate! (and I promise you guys will be the first to know when I'm rich enough to do that :)

so, if we ever need a break from the cold, all we have to do is jump in the car and head south.  and two hours later we're enjoying mid 70's and lots green grass.  

can't beat it!


speaking of beautiful weather, I think it's time to go warm up!

have a good weekend!



AMullins said...

Another "fun" fact about Flagstaff winters ... last winter we came in 2nd in the US for total snowfall behind Marquette, MI.

Barb Makela said...

ahhhh... i SO miss AZ!!! Maybe one of these days I can convince Frank to move there!

Jenny Kuoppala said...

I love the picture of the fountain! (and the ones of the kids are cute too :)
Yeah, the weather here is about to get gorgeous, but yesterday and today were quite warm! 91 degrees still? no thank you. I had to turn my A/C back on today! but the nights are awesome at least!