grumpy old man.

not only is Rowan a dare devil, he's a grumpy dare devil.

try as I might, I could not get him to crack a smile let alone even look at me.

so then I called in big brother Jake and after thousands of fart noises, flapping his arms like a chicken and basically making a ridiculous fool out of himself, still, just a teeny tiny smidgen of a grin.

I give up.

IMG_9579monkey IMG_9580


IMG_9601  IMG_9597-3

IMG_9564-copy IMG_9569-copy

Rowan at age two (aka, Mr. Grumpus)

he is what he is.

and grumpy as he may be, there's something about him that just makes my heart happy.

have a great weekend! 



able mabel said...

Ohhh, he is soooo cute!!! I get the giggles looking at these pictures!

Anita said...

He may be grumpy, but he sure is cute!

Selma said...

What an adorable little man! His pictures made ME smile. Absolutely love the black and white one... such a serious face, but there is something very endearing about his expression.

Becca said...

I love the first picture. He's such a cute little man.

Aunty Dee said...

I know what you mean! He's as cute as the dickens--and you just want to hug him. I miss your kids! Need to get up there one of these days--or, welcome to Prescott. I love these pictures!

JB said...

And...what an adorable hat! It suits his seriousness just fine.