thoughtful thursday.

I agree that title sounds rather corny.  but since my mind is void of any stories at the moment, I will share a few thoughts instead.

-tornadoes wreak havoc in northern Arizona yesterday.  what next?


-Rowan.  where on earth did this kid come from?  Gary doesn't claim him, I don't claim him, the UPS guy---well, you know .  I'm pretty sure there must have been a mix up at the hospital and someone else ended up with our sweet little cherub while we're stuck raising who knows whose little monster. okay so maybe not.

and I lied because actually I do have a story.

last week I caught Phoebe and Rowan red-handed helping themselves to strawberries inside the neighbor's house.  and that would have been totally fine except for one minor detail: the neighbors weren't home.  of all the nerve!  now what on earth would possess them to do such a thing?  it's not like I go about casually strolling into random neighbors' houses in search of food.  I mean at least I try not to make a habit of it.  

also, where as most people tend to avoid danger, Rowan seeks it out.  where is something he can climb on top of and then swan dive to the floor?  is that a set of stairs over there?  because he's thinking he could clear at least ten of them.  

in fact, the day I caught him chawing on the neighbor's strawberries, was also the same day he decided to morph into spidey man and climb out the window onto the roof.  seriously!  fortunately I rescued him before anything tragic happened, but unfortunately, that was another ten years off my life.  and now I don't even dare blink. because in that split second he'll be up on some ledge going "look, mom, LOOK!"  be still my heart.

-since the girls have expressed interest in baking and cooking, I recently added "fixing dinner" to the job list.  so two days a week, Hannah and Chloe will be responsible for making dinner.  I'm not sure who is more excited; them or me.  I'm having them start with relatively simple meals like spaghetti, tacos, soups, etc.  this means a little more organization on my part as far as planning the meals and having the ingredients on hand.  on today's menu: sloppy joe's. (everything tastes better when you don't have to make it, right?:)

it's been a treat for me to watch the two of them interact, learn and grow together.


-finally, it's with great sadness that we say "good-bye" to Ruth and Mark and family.  in just a few short weeks they will be starting a "new" adventure in Minnesota.  the good times and memories made with them here in Flagstaff will forever be imprinted on our hearts and in our minds.  we wish them the best of luck and God's blessings in their new endeavor.

and so as we close this chapter in our lives, another one opens; although I'm not sure how this one plays out yet.

only time will tell.



Ruth said...

Sniff...I hate "good-byes!" Closing this chapter is hard...The new chapter seems to be opening all by itself and we're hanging on to our seats!

Briita M said...

aahh bummer and what a cute picture!

Brenda said...

Darling pic of Kiviahde family! And sorry Jessica but I think Rowan fits in the family too well for you to disclaim him :) Someday all his energy will be used in good direction! I thought about you guys when I heard Ruth and Mark are moving... such a bummer!

able mabel said...

I seem to remember Edna telling stories about her kids climbing out of cribs and other shinneganins. Sorry, Gary. I think he's your's.
I am bummed for you guys that Ruth and Mark are leaving. However, I'm hopeful you'll be venturing north more often to come visit us and we'll try to make it down south a few times...

Andrea M said...

I wish the Kiviahde's the best, but we will miss them too! It was fun getting to know them a little over the past couple months. Such a cute little monkey you have, how could you not claim him? :D

Sue Hill said...

It sounds like Rowan is completely normal for HIS age! I once got to rescue a monkey off the garage roof (and I was 7mo pg)... not one of my fondest memories! Thinking of you as Mark and Ruth are leaving!