six months.

hi.  my name is Scarlett.

I am six months old today.

I can sit without support.  well, sort of.  sometimes I go splat right on my schnauz.  ouch that really smarts.

everyone says I'm super smiley.

I got to spend last weekend with my silly sisters.

we sang and shopped (and spent my dad's savings ;)

it was sooooo sweet!

see ya!

PS. my mom says she's gonna roll me in sugar and devour me for her snack!  quick!  somebody stop her!



Janet Griffitts said...

Scarlett, you sure are a cutie! Looking at all the girls made me think what a difference from your house to mine with just girl. I miss all the cute little girl stuff:)

Aunty Dee said...

So fun to visit with you and the girls this past weekend! And--all your girls are sweet! Love listening to them giggle!

Jess said...


Becca said...

Can't help but smile looking at a grin like that. It was fun having you visit this weekend. Your girls are really good helpers. You're lucky to have such nice girls. Love them all to pieces.

Barb Makela said...

My name is Scarlett and I look like my grandpa, Glen!

jessica said...

she does, Barb! LOL! I've always thought she looked like an old man! :)