sunday at the park.

a couple sundays ago we had a family "reunion" of sorts-- one last shebang before Ruth and Mark head north.

we each brought our own picnic lunch and celebrated the October birthdays.  the weather was perfect, the kids played and rollerbladed, the adults visited, and I took pictures of course.

but first, a couple things.

I think (hope?) I finally got the blog reconfigured.  hurrah, hurray, hip hip and all that!  

it took a bit of playing around (ie got rid of the obnoxiously L A R G E banner and also purchased a set of storyboard templates, which I'm head-over-heels in love with (really, I am.) I had just about had it with farting around and wasting time trying to line up photos in my post-- makes me twitch just thinking about it, it was THAT bad.

let bygones be bygones.  

and now back to the sunday afternoon post.

aren't these two just the cat's meow?  something else, I tell ya.  I wanted to get a couple shots that captured their BFF relationship as it is in the "here and now".  I think these pretty much sum it up.  I'm not sure Phoebe quite grasps the concept that Whitney will soon be far, far away.  but, fortunately at this age they're pretty adaptable.    

on the bright side, we were over-joyed to welcome Gary's brother Andy and his family to Phoenix.  even though Hannah is a couple years younger than their Abby (pictured above middle), they seem to get along pretty swell.  Andy and Kelly also have three other kids that match up in age with ours.  even better. 

meet my nephew Jamison (Andy and Kelly's baby.)  isn't he just the sweetest thing you ever did see?  born with down syndrome, he is such a happy-go-lucky little one and a source of constant joy amongst the family.  cutie pie.

Garrett and Ella.  these two are like shirt and pants. (although I'm not sure which one wears the pants :)    

there were four of us with October birthdays.  Kim made a cake (shocking :) with a fun bunting to boot.  and she's gonna have my hide for saying that. 

last but not least; the three muskateers Sophie, Jennah and Chloe.  if you are within earshot of these three, be prepared to hear a LOT of giggling going on.  silly girls.

we visited and laughed till the sun went down.  it was a most lovely day.

hope you enjoyed the new, new look.


PS. thanks for the birthday wishes!  hubby took the day off so I could hang out with friends.  we had a great time!


Brianna B said...

Very cute pictures! I need a camera like yours to get all the cute shots. Mine snaps too slow. even if the kid looks for a few minutes. maybe not THAT slow but seriously.

Jess said...

wow jamison is cute! i miss that squishable little guy! he's getting so big! looks like a fun relaxing day! ~Jess