seven months.

the FLIRT.

at seven months old, Scarlett is quite the flirtatious thing, already stealing kisses from the boys.  apparently, she had agreed to an eensy weensy peck on the cheek, but before she knew it, Cade had slurped half her forehead off instead.  ACK.    

oh dear.  at the rate she's going, she'll be walking down the aisle by age one.

in fact, I can see it now:

Cade: "excuse me dearest, but why are you running away?  it's time for us to say our vows."

Scarlett: "oh just chill, you big baby.  I promise I'll be back as soon as my mom changes my diaper."



PS. wouldn't it be funny if these two ended up together?  

PSS. do you know of anyone this has happened to?  just curious.

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Jess said...

that is really cute! my mom and dad tried pretty hard! i have a picture of me and just about every boy in MN besides loren! heheh