it's December and well, you know what that means.

Christmas! and parties! and goodies! and presents!

yes, December certainly does mean all those things.  BUT.  more importantly, it means that Gary's birthday is just around the corner.  eight more days to be exact.

and golly I'm so excited.  because, after much deliberation, I finally figured out what I'm getting him.

yo, slap my fro.

he's gonna be tickled pin... er, yellow.

but shhh, don't tell him.  it's a secret.


PS. why do I suddenly have this huge craving for a banana?


Keilah said...

haha! hey, its not bad!

Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Might come in handy.

jen said...

Defintely a new look for him. Are you getting him the pajamas, wig, or both?

Paula said...

Ha ha! Waaay too funny! Btw, love the new pics in the banner!