that was not funny.

excuse me?  I was hoping for a little more sympathy on friday's post, but instead you guys just snickered evilly and said oh that Rowan is so cute.  I'm almost positive I detected the same underlying note in each of your comments too, which was this: as cute as he is, I'm sure glad he's not mine. trust me, as much as I love the kid, I sometimes wish he wasn't mine either.  but tell me this, what is it about naughty children that people find so hilarious?    
anyway, I particularly liked Anita's tip.  she suggested hanging a cowbell around his neck to one, slow him down a little (perhaps from the weight of the bell), and most importantly two, the ringing would alert anyone within a five mile radius as to where he is at any given moment.  hmmm.  she might just be on to something there.  so, if you hear cowbells in your neck of the woods, please, don't be alarmed.  it's just Rowan being dingy. (pun intended.)

back to the weekend.  after several weekends in a row spent playing, it was time to catch up around here.

I'm talking haircuts and flu shots on saturday.  followed by some painting, errand running, shopping, and Christmas decorating-- shuuuut uuuup! Christmas?  but Thanksgiving isn't even over, you turkey!  yeah, well, in all truthfulness, I've always waited until after Thanksgiving to put the tree up. but. since we're heading to Colorado for the weekend, I thought I'd get a little jump start on it.  you know, so I wouldn't have kids begging to decorate the second we arrived home, while trying to unpack and do sixteen loads of laundry.

it was high excitement around here, let me tell you.

and then on sunday it started to snow.

a rip roaring snowball fight ensued with the neighbor kids.  afterwards, the girls made mint chocolate chip cookies and homemade hot cocoa.  followed up by Gary's homemade pizza for dinner.

it's a family affair.

it was a very productive and fun weekend!



Sue Hill said...

Sounds like a fun weekend... loved the pics.

Keilah said...

Awww, sweet pictures of the kids and the tree. Do they really leave your low ornaments alone though? :) Sounds like a fun family day. Have fun with more of that this weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

Aunty Dee said...

these pictures are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

You know what Jessica, I think your last post was VERY funny and it made me feel a little better. I´ll tell you why. This happened a few days ago. I was laying on the couch reading a magazine with Maya. Ava walks up to me and says "I am gonna cut you bangs, mom". Before I realize what is about to happen I hear and feel how those scissors are cutting through my hair...
Did it make you feel any better? Why did we marry those Kesti guys? That is where all this comes from, I´ll tell you that!

jessica said...

Teija- you are so right! these misbehaviors are without a doubt Kesti traits. :D in fact, Edna was just reminding Gary about the time he pounded a nail into her brand new coffee table! sigh. this is what I get to look forward to.