these boots are made for hiking.

and that's just what they'll do.

today, these boots are gonna hike all over THIS:

ahhh, the Grand Canyon.  one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  and by this evening I'll be at the bottom of it, gazing at the great Colorado River. 

(so tonight, as you climb into your nice, soft bed, think of me as I'll be attempting to sleep in a 3x3 foot tent on a half-inch thick bed roll.  oh, and get this. my husband has a THREE-inch thick sleeping pad that he's carrying along.  it's like the "select comfort" of bed rolls.  he doesn't know this yet, but I WILL be sleeping on it.  c'mon, like he needs the extra padding, right?  RIGHT?)  unrelated: I always get my way ;)

anyway, plan A was to hike Havasupai Falls, but due to heavy rains earlier this fall, the trail was washed out and will not re-open until spring.  bum deal.

determined to go on some sort of hike, we tossed around a few ideas; a day hike off the north rim? Sedona?  Gary called the backcountry office and was told that we had a pretty good chance at getting a last minute permit for a hike off the south rim, due to the fact that there aren't as many applicants this time of year.  BUT.  that required driving out to Grand Canyon and applying for the permit in person.  (apparently they leave a few slots open for walk-ups, which are allotted on a first come, first serve basis.)

so first thing yesterday, I packed up the littles and high-tailed it 70-some miles out to the Grand Canyon.  and sure enough, the hike we wanted was available.  sah-weet!

while I was there, I decided I may as well take a peek at what I was about to get myself in to.  and I was amazed once again at the sheer enormity of the Canyon.  so were the kids, as they both exclaimed "wow!" at their first glimpse. 

and good thing for the fence, because this little adrenaline junkie of mine just might have attempted to base jump or something.  

3 days of hiking.  20+ miles.  7 meals consisting of dehydrated food.  JEALOUS?  I know you are :)  

keep your eyes out for a detailed account of our adventures next week.  

and also to see who won the cush sleeping pad.    



Brenda K said...

Sounds like a good time! Someday, we'll make a trip down to hike the canyon I hope! Enjoy and we'll be waiting to see photos!

Sue Hill said...

Have an awesome hike! I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it!

Brita L said...

Have a wonderful hike and enjoy the gorgeous scenery!!

jen said...

There is NO way Gary will be sleeping on the thicker mattress!

Anita said...

I am so impressed with your energy level! Hiking has never been my thing. Let me wash laundry and smell pulla dough while I sew and craft ... my idea of a blissful day. :)
Have an awesome hike and we'll be looking forward to pictures when you get back.

Briita M said...

Enjoy! and believe it or not, I'm very jealous of you sleeping on the ground at the bottom of the grand canyon! This must be your first backpacking trip there? For some reason I thought you've done it before.

jessica said...

I have hiked the grand canyon before, Briita! remember we went with you and keith and greg and eva. are you experiencing some memory loss along with those gray hairs? LOL

Briita M said...

duh! It was havasupai that you hadn't hiked before...right?