weekend wrap up.

this past saturday, we celebrated an early Thanksgiving with the Anderson's.  

in the early years of raising kids, neither the Kesti's nor the Anderson's had any relatives that were close by.  so they began celebrating Thanksgivings together and became "Thanksgiving cousins."  eventually, the families got so big, it became impossible to get together.  and then the Anderson's moved away. 

well, since my in-laws have been in town, Edna and Joanne got to scheming and decided we should get together  for old-times sake and have a big shindig at the church.  

we enjoyed a delicious dinner; turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, the whole works!  yum-o.      

we filled our bellies and visited.  and laughed.  and filled our bellies some more.  it was a fun evening!

and then on sunday, two of our kids decided to start spilling their gastric contents, aka hurling, barfing, spewing.  whatever you want to call it, it's never a party.  and so the rest of our weekend plans quickly came to a screeching halt.  oh the joys of raising kids. (did you detect the note of sarcasm in my writing? I sure hope so.)

and because I really need to get my life in order around this mess I call a place, I'm taking the rest of the week off from blogging.

so there.


PS. yikes.  apparently I need an attitude adjustment.


1crown3tiaras said...

Beautiful family picture!

Kim Kesti said...

Cute photos - looks like at least one of the family pics turned out. Fun!

able mabel said...

Looks like you've got your Christmas card figured out!!

jen said...

What is it with big social events and sick kids? My sympathy. Hope your sick time over there is short-lived. Now, what will the rest of us do without your blog for a week?

Brita L said...

Sounds like a fun day and the thought of Thanksgiving makes me hungry!! Darling family picture!