before the fire alarm went off.

what's a birthday without a cake and a million candles?  I don't think you can count how many candles there are on that thing, and I'm not going to give away Gary's age.  so let's just assume 29.  plus nine or ten.

have a great weekend!


PS. stay tuned for a fun giveaway on monday!  yay!


Linda said...

Happy birthday Gary!

able mabel said...

I bet he was able to blow then all out with one breath. Yuo're suppose to spread them out across the whole cake. :) Happy Birthday Gary!

Briita M said...

happy birthday Gary...and he's not that old!!

jessica said...

@Leann. I purposely clustered the candles all together. that way the spit stays contained to one corner and not sprayed over the entire cake :)