thank goodness for babies.

yesterday evening was rough.

everything was going awry, it seemed.

there was fighting going on.  disasters happening.  laundry needing to be folded.  homework.  Rowan kept helping himself to cookies.  two kids were playing tag.  the house was in chaos.

and no one was listening to me.

I was angry.  frustrated.  exhausted.  wondering how I was going to ever make it through the next umpteen years of this.

I closed my eyes and sighed.

at that moment, I heard a squawk coming from the living room.  Scarlett.  I hurried over to see what the matter was and remembered that she still needed her diaper changed.  another sigh.

as I entered the room, she paused mid-complaint to look up at me and grin.  that big open-mouth kind of grin.  her eyes lit up.  she flapped her arms excitedly, happy to see me.  love and adoration shown on her face.

incredible.  not two seconds before, I had been raging mad, hollering at the kids for misbehaving.  how anyone could even possibly like me right now was beyond my comprehension.

yet there she was, beaming at me like I was the greatest thing that ever ceased to exist.  her world.

in that moment I knew this motherhood gig was worth it.

almost immediately, my heart melted.

the anger quickly subsided, replaced by a love so great, words can't begin to describe it.

I scooped her into my arms.

and kissed her beautiful, shining face.

as the tears of joy trickled down my face,

I said a silent prayer of thanks.

thank goodness for babies!



Kara Herrala said...

Ditto on those thoughts exactly!!

Briita M said...

i've said over and over, the baby brings so much love to the whole family! no matter who is disgruntled, babycakes will bring a smile to that face!:)

Linda said...

Isn't it simply amazing?!

Pete and Becky said...

I agree and can relate! They even melt the hearts of disgruntled teenagers, so cute!

Anita K said...

Aw I really needed that today! So true! Sometimes I can just go hide with the baby and snuggle him and ignore the chaos, and somehow I always feel better!

Brita L said...

aww...you wrote that wonderfully and I know so many of us can relate. So amazing how one little baby can bring so much love and happiness to a household!

Dan and Rita said...

It is so true!! Sometimes even when you want to stay mad for awhile, they still have the ability to melt the heart!!! They are so precious!

Anonymous said...

your writing brought tears to my eyes... your life is so much like ours. Just felt this past week same kind of feelings. thanks for posting your thoughts!ansku

Brenda said...

Babies are such a blessing in so many ways! I can surely relate to this story and I'm sure all Mothers can!

Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing your frustrations--I have been feeling that way often lately!