eight months.

warning: serious cuteness ahead. (photos taken on Christmas day)

at eight months, Scarlett is crawling all over the place, exploring like crazy.  she follows me into the kitchen and laundry room and thinks it's great when she "finds" me.  and then she promptly whines to be picked up.

she's at the "everything goes in the mouth" stage, which I really can't stand.  I have to constantly remind the kids (think broken record) not to leave their Legos, Knex, polly pockets and other small trinkets lying about because "Scarlett might choke." 

from day one she's been an awesome sleeper.  currently she's pulling 10-12 hour nights.  and takes a couple solid 2-3 hour naps.

she has developed "stranger anxiety" and refuses to go to anyone except mom, dad and her "stand-in" mom, aka Hannah.  and sometimes she prefers Hannah over me.  harrumph.  all other siblings she strictly tolerates.

she just learned the patty-cake thing and also says "mama", "dada" and "baba", although I don't think she's put two and two together yet that "mama" is "mom."  or that she's referring to me.  so for now I'll just act like she knows what she's saying and brag about how smart she is.

also, I noticed the other day that her top two teeth have popped through. 

I don't know... the more kids we have, the cuter they get.  or maybe it's just that ugly parents make cute kids.  or what?


PS. adorable headband from silly me baby.  I had emailed Kim a picture of Scarlett's dress, asking if she would make a matching headband.  I told her I wanted "something with a little sugar, spice and sparkle... and some vintage mixed in."  I think she nailed it, don't you?  wow, she is simply amazing.   


Kimberly said...

Cutest Baby! I am in LOVE with all of the pictures. I think I just might claim her as mine. Hehe.

Jess said...

love love love it!!! She is so cute!!

Keilah said...

Aww, what a sweetie! The very first photo reminded me of Nora, for some reason. Then the others reminded me of Chloe.
The reason she's so cute is because all your other cuties grow up and get not so cute behavior! :L

Martha said...

Adorable! Trey is just a couple of weeks older then Scarlett...so everything you just said goes for me too. The following around....choking...only liking mom...EXCEPT..he only sleeps 3-4 hour stretches! You are spoiled!:)

Briita M said...

cute baby is right...somehow you have to be a good photographer also to capture it:)

Anita K said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl! The last 3 are my favorites, i love your pictures! I should be having you "practice" your photography on my family! And is that the same Kim of SillyMeDesigns? Because I just ordered baby thank yous from her!

jessica said...

@Anita- I don't think it is... this Kim runs an etsy shop called Silly Me Baby. she strictly specializes in one-of-a-kind headbands and other hair accessories...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! You weren't kidding when you printed your warning! Joleen