and so that was Christmas.

wow.  another Christmas has come and gone.  and to think we survived!  

it never ceases to amaze me; all the shopping and preparation and anticipation for the big day and snap! just like that, it's over.  and then we're left to wallow in the aftermath; the taking down of decorations, the fighting over new toys or crying over ones that have already broke, the threats to start Christmas shopping in January instead of waiting until the week before, but does it ever happen?  no, of course not.  because who wants to think about Christmas in January?  and besides, the bank account is on E.  oh right.  shucks, anyway.

and let's not forget the candy-fueled, irrational outbursts, although aren't those fun?  you think you'll remember next year that if you let the kids have that much candy in one sitting that the vomit will stain the carpet, but you never do.

also, why does santa continue to put a bottle of soda in the two year-old's stocking every year?  shouldn't he know by now that almost inevitably, the two year-old will toss it around and shake it up and then proceed to ask his older brother to open it and then everyone will look on and gasp in unison as it sprays in a 15-foot arc through the air, hitting the far wall?

unrelated: dear santa: please, PLEASE don't bring candy or soda next year, okay?  

but, despite all the hullabaloo, it's totally worth it.  there's nothing like seeing the kids' faces light up as they tear open their gifts (the ones you so carefully wrapped) and to hear that "YES! this is exactly what I wanted how did you know?" (because you only told me seven million times, duh).  it reminds me of my  childhood Christmases, but ten times better.  because now I get to watch all the joy and excitement that I experienced as a kid through their eyes, and this makes me all sorts of happy inside.

yes, Christmas was indeed a roaring success in Room For Nine (or ten or twelve) land.  a blur, in fact.

to change things up a bit, we opened gifts on Christmas Eve this year. (and I apologize, the pictures are really cruddy because the lighting was really bad and I don't like to use flash but I probably should have and well you get the idea anyway.) 
I've had several people tell me that Jake looks "just like his mom."  does he?
Rowan was pleased with pretty much everything he unwrapped.  just the act of unwrapping was enough for him.  we could have wrapped anything-- his pillow, nail clippers, a dirty diaper.  instant present!  note to self: wrap each individual Lego piece next year.

save me, mom!
everyone gathered around Scarlett as she attempted to open her present.  at the first sign of distress, the masses attacked, shredding the wrapping for her.

and then on Christmas day we packed up and headed to Phoenix.

don't even ask.

the kids played games all afternoon as the temps soared into the mid 70's.  it was lovely!

and now as I look around the house, the only trace left of Christmas is the occasional candy wrapper found strewn on the floor.  oh yeah... and the fighting.

and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again!



Ruth said...

Gotta love the 2 year olds! Blair's present was in a diaper box. He unwrapped it and excitedly looked around and yelled, "diapers!!" He truely did not care :) Of course he was beyond thrilled when he opened the diaper box.

able mabel said...

Yes, Jake does look very much like you. Fun to see pictures of your Christmas! The weather in Phoenix sounds lovely!!