sprinkles, sprinkles everywhere.

the title of this post is pretty self-explanatory, don't you think?  yeah, that's what I thought.

let's see.  life has been clipping along at full speed ahead around here, in that crazy, fun sorta way.  oh I've threatened to quit Christmas a couple times already, but a few certain little people won't let me.  

that said, I have no choice but to simply embrace the chaos.  and continue to track down those sprinkles that keep eluding me. (hey, I just spied another one by the front door!)  

oh it's the most wonderful time of the year!     

she just needs a few sprinkles and CHOMP. mmm. yum yum yum.

would anyone care for a psychedelic Christmas cookie?

decorating cut-outs: CHECK


PS. what are some things you've checked off your list?

post edit:
by the way, I have been eating and enjoying the cookies.  I just had to let my inner hippy hang out a little, first :)


Brenda K said...

Cookies- check! Prune tarts- check! Shopping- check! Cards- check! My family christmas dinner- check! Feels good to have it all checked off! I cheated tho and only did a half batch of cutouts because I don't super much enjoy them :) Oh and I love the pics of Scarlett!

jen said...

I learned a neat trick for minimizing the sprinkle spread...place the frosted cookies in a roasting pan before sprinkling. Then you can collect the sprinkle run-off and reuse!

jessica said...

@ jen- now why wasn't I smart enough to think of that? I did the disposable tablecloth thing this year and figured I was waaay ahead of the game, and then you had to go and mention this! LOL. great idea! next year for sure!

Kelly Massman said...

I'd be so excited if I had some cute pictures like these to scrapbook!!! :-)
I'd probably eat them to make them happy!

Ruth said...

Yup, we sprinkle our cutouts on cookie sheets. Took me many years to figure that out. Haven't thought of the table cloth...next year it might be stress free ;)