Thanksgiving weekend recap.

I finally had a chance to sort through my pictures from our Colorado trip, and after further review, I decided to post them all in one fell swoop and be done with it.  I promise not to ramble on, but just want to say that we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  

we have so much to be thankful for.

since none of us were really skilled at carving a turkey, we just sort of tore the meat out in chunks, as evidenced by the tongs.  hey, whatever works, right?  

I have no idea who the kid in the blue shirt is.  apparently, he needs to be taught some manners.    

I'm not going to go into detail regarding this incident, but just want to mention that this was one of those "I told you so" moments.  also, 12-passenger vans are worthless in snow. (he should have known that. but, boys will be boys.)

on saturday we spent the day outside.  made a bonfire and roasted hotdogs.  the kids sledded.  it was epic.  

Jason (pictured above and far right) is an extremely talented artist.  he specializes in painting nature and wildlife scenes and has prints available for purchase.  to view his work, go here.  it's absolutely amazing.

it was such a fun trip!

hope you enjoyed the pictures!

have a great weekend!



Brita L said...

Cute cute pictures! Liked the whole crew pushing the van:) Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Keilah said...

What awesome sledding hills!

Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Gorgeous photos! Who is that beauty in the fur hood? Wowsa!