from pine trees to palm trees.

you guessed it.  we spent the day in Phoenix yesterday.  somehow an entire month had gone by since we had last ventured south, so we figured it was high time to go.  and good thing, too.

we got to enjoy plenty of sunshine and 70+ degree weather.  it was lovely.

gosh, I feel a tinge guilty saying this, knowing quite a few of you are freezing to death in other parts of the world.  

hmmm, well.  I'll try my best to push those guilty feelings aside and go on instead about how we sipped our coffee on lawn chairs in the backyard while the kids frolicked outside and the babies played contentedly on a blanket in the grass.

how does that sound?

"...and you'll look sweet, upon the seat of a bicycle built for two."

apparently some people don't know to appreciate a sunny, warm day when they have one.  right, mister grumpus? (note: he threw a fit when he saw me pointing the camera at him.)

hope your monday is full of sunshine!



Ramona said...

Jessica, You guys have all the fun! Once again, wonderful pics. Glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine!

Anita k said...

That first picture is amazing! You should sell prints!

AMullins said...

Rowan's reaction is so cute!! Teach you to stick a camera in his face ... I have a feeling he was loving the skateboard though!!

And who is the little angel in the last pics?? So cute!!!

jessica said...

@Amy. he's my nephew and was born with Down Syndrome. isn't he sweet?