The Twelve Days of a Large Family Christmas.

I stumbled across this video on facebook and couldn't help but think of the post I wrote a couple months back titled, "and they all stopped and stared."  although now after watching this, I'm thinking a more appropriate title for my post would have been, "and they all stopped, stared and ASKED QUESTIONS."

for the record, I'm pretty positive I've been asked every single one of these questions at some time or another.  plus a few more that I can't think of right this second.  based on my experience of taking wee ones out in public, it seems that most people tend to view two kids as acceptable (no one bats an eye), three is pushing it (might spark a "boy you sure are busy" comment), and anything after four... uh, you may as well be giggling into balled up fists. (read: nutty, crazy, insane)

regardless to what people may think or say or ask, my heart is happy.  busy and overwhelmed at times.  frustrated and a bit sad every now and then. but, most of the time...it beats contentment.  and for that, I am grateful.

my all-time favorite takes place around minute 2:30... my response to this, "c'mon people, like really?" (too much information!)

also, a sneak peek at our sunday afternoon family activity:

it was HOT!



Denise J said...

Love the family photo. I just watch that on my cousins page. love it...

AMullins said...

That video was awesome! So funny!! And LOVE the pic of you guys at the Station! Any budding firefighters in the group?

Oh, and when people make a comment about you & ask if you're trying for a football team, I just say you're trying for a marching band!! : )

Love and miss you ALL!!!!

Anita K said...

I love love that picture, it's really cool!
I want one with my boys!
And when they ask me about the baseball team, I say no, a specially trained SEAL team.

1crown3tiaras said...

lol! My Mom & I laughed so hard while watching the video clip! Thanks for sharing!!

Briita M said...

great pic:)

Anonymous said...

love the picture of your family :) I thought the video was pretty funny.. i'm sure we all could add a few more comments we've heard to it. lori sturos

Anonymous said...

how cute!-Brianna Love that video!