a winner, and some birthday love.

first of all: we have a winner for the able mabel giveaway!  Danny and Ashley, congratulations on winning, and happy shopping!  also, a big thank you to everyone that participated and also to Jen and Leann from able mabel for donating their talent, making this giveaway possible.

in other news: we've celebrated three kids' birthdays so far this month (yes, this includes hubby who is (for the most part) still a kid at heart.)

Sawyer turned six, no seven... wait, hold on a sec.  hey Sawyer, how old are you now?  you're eight?  okay, it was just confirmed he's eight.  wait a minute, eight?  where have I been? (read: keeping tabs on a certain two year-old)

let's see.  he ties his own shoes, builds intricate Lego and KNEX structures and can recite entire passages from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."  I... yeah.  words fail me.  this kid can make me laugh and holler in the space of a minute.

happy birthday, my boy!

next up: princess cinderELLA turned six yesterday.

she absolutely loves kindergarten.  and everything girly and pink.  but mostly, she loves to sing.  and sing and sing.  also, she's excited that she gets to use two hands now to count her age.  hey, when you're this age, that's important stuff.  it's like a rite of passage.  of course she had to rub this in to her younger sister.  oh it's all good.  I mean, what would a birthday be without fighting and a few tears?

happy birthday, sweet girl!

as a special treat, we brought Sawyer and Ella out to eat last night.  the food was great, and the conversation even better!  in fact, my ears are still missing. 

and now I'm off to finish the Christmas shopping and all that fun stuff.  please tell me I'm not the only one who procrastinates!    

happy weekending!



1crown3tiaras said...

Awww... I LOVE birthdays! My kids that is. Ever since my 30th I try and sneak mine past hoping nobody even notices!

Dave and Brianna said...

That's so cute!!! I love the crown toppers. My ava is nearly 4 but LOOOVES anything girly(fancy nancy all the way!)

Eric and Celeste said...

Cute! My 2 year old started singing "Happy Birthday to those kids, cha cha cha" when she saw this post~