get out your pencils--it's quiz time!

hey everyone, it's Monday!  rise and shine!  it sure is a great day to be alive, isn't it?

okay class, listen up.  the first item on today's agenda is yes, you guessed it, a surprise quiz.  oh c'mon, stop with the boo-hissing nonsense!  I get that all the time from my kids, surely I don't need you joining their team as well!  alright, ALRIGHT.  I'll give you ONE more chance.  but after that... there are no guarantees ;)  

anyway, as parents we need to keep our brains functioning in tip-top shape, lest we'd let our kids pull the wool over our eyes. (ie; slightly repositioning a picture to cover up a hole in the wall, among other things.  kids are tricky like that, you know.)  so what better way to clear the cobwebs out of the 'ol noggin' on a Monday, as well as to aid in keeping you on your parenting "A game" than this fun little challenge?  I'm sure we all could use a little help in this department, right?  but we haven't studied, you say?  oh have no fear, you'll do just fine.  in fact, I suspect you will all pass with flying colors.

ready?  go!  

for statements 1-5, please choose one of the following:

a.) always true

b.) never true


1. the more you want your child to do something, the less likely he is to do it, even if it’s something he really wants to do.

2. any food item that is crunchy, mushy, porous, green, yellow, too cold, or too hot will be immediately tossed to the ground.  just be glad it wasn't thrown in your face.

3. when your child has worked himself into a frenzy over something until he’s in such a state of disarray that he’s lost track of what he wanted in the first place, what will almost certainly calm him is a rational explanation of why his temper tantrum was out of line.  so in other words, just keep your mouth shut, dimwit.

4. your single (ie: unmarried) friends want to hear about your child’s charming hijinks only slightly more than they want to hear about the unimaginable challenges of parenthood.

5. you’re in charge.  until your child wakes up.

if you answered C for all, ding ding you are correct!  although I think C is the answer to everything in life.

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Briita M said...

oh what photogenic kids! see, aren't you lucky to have so many photo ops? People even call you up to model their wares on your children! lucky you! adorable pics! I won't comment on the rest of your entry. I simply cannot relate:)

Anonymous said...

cute!! you have such pretty pictures and the perfect props to go with them! Phoebe is a little model.. maybe since my name is jessica too i will be as talented as you some day.. :)

jessica said...

thank you, Jessica! I believe we all have hidden talents, it's just a matter of discovering what they are! :)