how to speak "Rowan-ese."

given that sometimes (but not always) l = w, x = k, th = n, p = g, and extra syllables will sometimes be added to or removed from words as the mood strikes, translate the following before meltdown occurs:

a.) peebutt an je-wee!  PEEBUTT AN JE-WEE.

b.) ju-bok!  JU-BOK.

c.) pay na umpewter!  pay na UMPEWTER.

d.) sing-atta-gay-gown!  I said, SING ATTA GAY GOWN.

did you guys get that?  if not here you go:  

a.) peanut butter and jelly.

b.) juice box.

c.) play the computer.

d.) swing at the playground.

yeah so, what Rowan lacks in the speech and vocabulary department, he makes up for ten-fold in physical development.  I guess that's just a nice way of saying he's all brawn and no brains.  dur.  so what if he can't pronounce his name correctly, the kid does double backflips off the couch!  dude!

from our "nature walk" at Boynton Canyon in beautiful Sedona:

somewhere along the trail, Scarlett pulled off her hat and tossed it on the ground, which we didn't realize until later when, after searching high and low, the hat was nowhere to be found.  on our way out, we discovered it just like this, plopped on the trail marker by a kind soul, bless their heart.  I've officially named this hat "Boynton the pig."

they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I'm pretty sure I can sum this one up in just two: "go away." (and take that big black thing with you.)

oh Rowan, you just make me laugh :)


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Anonymous said...

I suppose. :) -Miranda

Sue Hill said...

I love your pictures!
The family one is darling!

Anonymous said...

of course i'll vote! :)