oldies but goodies.

just a few photos from last summer that I came across while sorting through my files (and attempting to organize them) over the weekend.  how they managed to get lost in the shuffle, I have no idea.  guess you get to see them now... just think of it as a little taste of summer :)

as I recall, it was a Friday evening and we had just finished eating dinner at Fratelli's, our favorite pizza place in town.  everyone was full and happy; content.  when we came out of the restaurant, I remember the lighting being so soft and pretty, one of those storybook summer evenings.  you know, the kind you long for at this time of year.  Phoenicians, be quiet.
as we made our way to the van, I happened to notice this window with the heart drawn on it, and convinced Myra to quickly pose for a couple of pictures.  LOVE how they turned out.  it's not often I capture a genuine smile from her.  and Scarlett, well, how could I resist photographing such a cute little piggy?  just seeing her squishy cheeks in these photos makes me melt.  into a giant puddle of pure baby bliss.  she's growing up way too fast!

as much work as they are, I've really been enjoying these family outings lately.  maybe it's because in some ways, I feel like these days are the calm before the storm.  it's not going to be too much longer before the older ones will want to be racing off with their friends, rather than (heaven forbid) tag along with us boring, old fogies.  that would be like so moldy!  right?  at that point, I can only imagine it will be like pulling teeth to get them to do anything with us.

I realize I can't keep my kids tucked under my wing forever, although wouldn't that be nice?  now watch, just for saying that, I'll probably be the one with a 30 year-old still living at home.  and then you guys will be all neener, neener, that's what you get for saying things like that! 

oh well.  guess I'll worry about that later, huh?  for now, I'll continue to relish in these days.    

happy Monday!  



Kelly Massman said...

I know I'm so bad and usually only lurk, but I had to stop in and say "HOw cute!"

jessica said...

Thanks, Kelly!