thus ends another week.

if you religiously stop by this blog every morning only to discover *nothing new* yet AGAIN, I apologize.  it seems my regular posting schedule has become well, rather unscheduled as of late.  meaning the demands of my job as mom wife nurse psychologist teacher maid cook chauffer (among a host of others) have taken over, making it difficult for me to blog at the time I would prefer to.

obviously, my motherly and wifely duties take precedence over any blogging duties.  hold on now, I'm not saying that you guys aren't important to me, because you are and I truly value your support and insight-- it's just that I would prefer my children to remember me as a loving, caring and kind person, who paid attention and was always there for them, rather than this sort of crude figure that spent endless hours hunched over in front the computer, shooing kids away because doggone it!  I have blog posts to type up!  kids?  what kids?  I don't see any!  HA!  

yeah so, I hope this hasn't driven any of you batty.  or away.  just bear with me here, okay?

for today, I thought I'd share a few photos from our trip to Barnes and Noble.  for Christmas this year, Grandpa and Grandma Kesti sent all the kids gift cards from B&N, and so like the nice mom I am, I happily chauffeured the kids there so they could spend their gift cards.  oh the decisions!  oh the agonizing! oh what do I get!  do I have enough for this?  needless to say, we all had a good time, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!

I'm not sure how to make a trip to the book store sound exciting.  I left Rowan at home (not unattended, in case you were wondering) so I can't even say that he ran around like a madman, de-shelving every book in the entire store while the employees and customers scampered about shrieking, "there's a two-foot terror on the loose!  quick!  somebody!  stop him!" or anything crazy like that.  and actually, Phoebe wasn't there either, I think she might have been sick or something.

Ella has been reading like crazy.  so fun when it finally clicks!
I was cracking up after I snapped this picture and realized Myra had bunny ears.  we all had a good laugh!

we even found a book for Rowan, very fitting don't you think?

thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

hope this weekend finds you doing something weekend-y!



1crown3tiaras said...

LOVE this post! Especially Rowan enjoying his book..lol! btw... very cute owl necklace:)

Linda said...

Such a colorful post! You even made the bookstore look exciting! :)

Pete and Becky said...

Love the post Jessica, darling pictures too! And I think your kids will have lots of memories of a mom doing so many fun, creative things with them! Rowan's book is great!