hair today, gone tomorrow.

a few days ago, I had this burning desire to chop my hair off.  I couldn't take it anymore!  which I know sounds very ridiculous being that I was just at the hairdresser oh what, NOT EVEN TWO WEEKS AGO.  heh.  but, after trying to grow it out for close to a year now, it seems my hair has suddenly approached that rather awkward length, and no matter what I do to it, it just looks all sorts of yuck-o.  seriously.

out of desperation, I dialed up my stylist on saturday and begged her to squeeze me in.  unfortunately, she was booked solid and instead, encouraged me to schedule an appointment for later in the week.  that would give me a few days to mull it over, she pointed out.  she hated for me to make an irrational decision (out of frustration), only to later kick myself in the head.  and who knows?  maybe I was simply having a bad hair day.

well guess what?  the Bad Hair Day has seemingly stretched into days of bad hair.

thick, wavy and unruly, it takes hours (well a long time anyway) to dry.  on top of it, I don't take the time (uh, what time?) to properly straighten every single layer like I should, and as a result, I end up with these unattractive lumps and bumps scattered here and there.  consequently, all those lumps and bumps, coupled with fans doing The Wave, make it appear as if there's a party going on.  in my hair.  eeek.

as much as I loathe my hair and its current hijinks, a part of me wants to keep growing it out, just to see if I can actually do it.  I don't ever remember having long hair, or at least anything past shoulder length.  so if I can make it through this awkward stage, I think it may have potential (think long wavy locks.)  at this age, should I even bother?

I need your help!  apparently I'm having a mid-life crisis at age 34.

here is me.

on the left: photo taken approximately two weeks ago.

on the right: photo taken approximately one year ago.

I've come to the conclusion that my hair grows out instead of down.  no?

that said, I'm going to ask you guys to participate in a poll (see right sidebar ---->)  and don't worry, your vote will remain strictly anonymous.  I want your true, honest opinion: should I go short?  or continue to grow it out?

thanks.  and have a nice day :)



Anonymous said...

Well Jessica, No matter what you do with your hair you always look like model material:)Sounds to me that if you are leaning toward another chop. Go for it!! You just have to make sure you post a picture of the final product.

jen said...

Short and sassy looks especially nice on you.

Rachel said...

I am with Lynette!! I like the short and sassy on you! Go for it but post a pic after! :)

Anonymous said...

short and sassy!

Paula Hillukka said...

I like both pictures :) I hear your frustration--i once went pixie short and had a heck of a time growing out. Mullet phase was particularly aggravating! Nevertheless, well worth it to go through, for me. It doesn't look like you have mullet-problems, but in betweens are never fun to style. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Short and sassy for a gal who's always classy :)

able mabel said...

A vote for short and sassy!

Briita M said...

fashion queen here better stay out of this one. I was in the same dilemma, grow out one last time before I'm too old for lengthy locks or chop it? Couldn't muster up enough time to fiddle so off it came. Both pics look cute as always!

Anonymous said...

yep i really like that short cut. it is adorable

susie e said...

cute both ways, but I vote for the short hair