we are under attack.

by a vicious strain of streptococcus bacteria (ie; strep throat.)

the past few days have played out something like this:

  1. child complains of fever, headache and sore throat
  2. call the clinic
  3. schedule an appointment
  4. bring sick child in
  5. strep test positive
  6. weep a little
  7. fork over co-pay
  8. weep a little more
  9. drive to Target
  10. pick up prescription
and over and over and OVER.  let's hear it for a never-ending bacteria party!  hip hip hooray.

and if that weren't enough, the hubby had to go and catch it as well, of all things.  like huh?  I thought parents weren't supposed to get sick.  even worse, the two of us make a terrible patient-nurse team.  when it comes to adult whining, I have zero patience.  I know, shame on me and all that, but I NEED his help.  around these parts there's no such thing as rest for the weary: you're sick?  sweet, go clean the bathroom.  look, it even says right HERE: in sickness and in health.  chop chop.                     

so now, instead of bright, cheery flowers on my windowsill, I get to stare at numerous bottles of pills, elixers and syringes all lined up.

I need a vacation.



Ruth said...

That was the story over here about 3 weeks ago. Ended up with 7/10 on meds for strep (including Mark and I)!! Blair had it so bad he had strep rash all over his body and could barely breathe. I quit adding up co-pays after about the 5th trip to the doc. Glad we're all healthy now. Happy nursing and sending get well wishes your way!

jen said...

Not fun. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a home test for strep? And if you could buy a family size jug of antibiotics at Costco?

Pete and Becky said...

I don't know Jessica, even when you write about sickness you crack me up! I feel your pain, we had that right after the new years, except it was sinus infection and ear infections...only problem is...we are still dealing with it! Long and drawn out! Good luck, happy nursing and hope that vacation follows up after the family is mended! :)

Amy Wittenberg said...

I hear you! We had it thru hear two wks ago! 5/8 had it, including Me! Not fun at all!! Hang in there!! Want to meet me in California:)

Keilah said...

oh dear. I hope your household starts feeling better soon.

Ramona Johnson said...

I know the feeling. We have had strep in this house and ear infections. I am with you with the hubby getting sick. I don't have the patience with dealing with a sick hubby.

Briita M said...

yep, understand that concept over here. told hubby that when mom gets sick, she still runs the household. same goes for dad.

Paula Hillukka said...

What Jen said. :)

Jeneric said...

I have heard of a home test strip for strep, check it out. Doesn't sound like a fun week!

Sue Hill said...

Hope you're all on the mend soon! Hang in there!

Sores said...

Busy, busy household. Taking lysine can help with some of that.