just kickin' around enjoying life.  got a couple feet of snow this past weekend, so we're hoping to go skiing in the next couple of weeks.  I've been slowly (very slowly) but surely decorating around here.  this week's project: sorting through closets and either Ebay-ing, Goodwill-ing or tossing stuff (how does a person accumulate so much junk?)

oh.  and yeah, the hubby even does laundry.  I know... I'm super spoiled, but what can I say?  except that I'm sure glad he's mine :)

all images taken with my cell phone using the retro camera app for android.  LOVE it.  in fact, I've been having so much fun that I might just quit using my canon.

well.  then again, maybe not.

have a fab week!



Sue Hill said...

That's such a cool app for your phone. My brother Matt uses a similar one on his iphone. I enjoyed the pics, as always!

Kelly Massman said...

Love these. Helps me see that life is good! Thanks so much for your expression of sympathy on my blog post about our nephew! It means a lot!