it got me.

when you wake up in the morning and your throat feels as if someone has crammed a fistful of razor blades down it, along with a package of cotton balls, your initial thought is that something is terribly wrong.  so you grasp your throat and try with all your might to swallow away the dryness.  but the pain is so severe that you abort the swallow, race to the bathroom and spit your saliva into the sink instead.  and then you silently curse under your breath as the realization hits that yes, you have indubitably been struck by the dreaded streptococcus bacteria.  WAAAA!
why oh why couldn't I have been spared?  because it's been spreading around your house like wild-fire you moron, that's why.  sigh.  luck has never been my middle name, or any part of my name, for that matter.  and probably never will be.      

being that the hubby was just diagnosed the evening before, he decided to skip work that day.  good thing, because I really couldn't see beyond getting myself to a doctor and on some drugs, let alone deal with the whole morning scene all by my lonesome while my throat felt like it was about to self-combust.  and then what?  drag the littles to urgent care along with me and look on as they destroy the place?  uh, no thanks.

while I sat on the edge of my bed trying to gather up the energy I needed to get myself ready and out the door, I debated whether I should shower or simply run a comb through my party hair.  I decide on the latter, which was probably the better choice, considering that when I arrived at the urgent care, everyone else there appeared to be on the verge of death as well.  no beauty contest going on here.  I felt pretty confident no one would notice the bird's nest in my hair.

after waiting for close to an hour, I was finally summoned into a back room, where I waited for yet another 20 minutes before a tall, thin doctor appeared at the door.  he began to ask the typical questions, like what's been going on, etc, but before I could respond, he went on to say, "Kesti.  hmm, sounds familiar.  I'm pretty sure that was the name of the man I just saw yesterday evening."  "uh, yeah, that would be my husband," I explained.  "our household has been under a siege of strep throat and now I'm certain I have it."

"well, let's have a look," he says.  "slight fever, swollen glands, red throat, those are all signs of strep.  BUT.  just to make sure, I'll do a quick swab test."  upon hearing the word "swab," I gave an involuntary shudder.  you guys, I can't stand being swabbed.  because I swear, they just like to make you gag.  is this what they're taught in med school?  that no matter what, even if it requires you to jam your hand halfway down your victim's patient's throat, MAKE THEM GAG.  well, this doc was no different.  and I was all dude, unless you want my breakfast plastered on your pristine, white lab coat, I suggest you stop.  like NOW.

long story short, the test was indeed positive.  I raced to Target like a mad-woman, procured my drugs, and now I'm definitely feeling on the up and up.

and guess what else?  considering that most of you thought short hair better suited me, I went for it.  yep, got about two pounds cut off yesterday and it feels great!  thanks for giving me that extra vote of confidence to take the plunge.  I know you're dying to see pics, but those will have to wait.  my bottom lip has been graced with a mammoth-sized cold sore and I really don't want to post pictures of me looking all freaky diseased.

one last thing: my computer charger has for sure bit the dust.  Gary fixed it once and it seemed to work fine, but then it fizzled out again yesterday.  unfortunately, I won't be able to get a new one until next weekend, so I may have to take a vacation from blogging next week :(

have a great weekend!



corinne said...

oh gee, hope you are on the mend now!! yes, post some updated pics!! we are so nosy:)

Ramona Johnson said...

Oh no! Sorry you had to get strep to, but hoping you are feeling much better now. Of course, we want to see the pics! Hurry up cold sore and heal!

jen said...

Hoping the worst is over for you...

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better! Sounds miserable :(
Kim R