eleven months.

at eleven months, Scarlett is pretty much full-time walking.  still a little unsteady of course, but getting better every day.  she can go up the stairs, but hasn't quite mastered the down part.  so she'll sit at the top of the stairs and whine until someone rescues her.  if she was anything like Rowan, she'd have tumbled down about 47 times by now.  but thankfully, she's not.  she appears to have a little more sense "up there" than he does.

she loves to play peek-a-boo, except she covers her ears instead of her eyes.  silly girl.  patty-cake is another favorite of hers.  she's still the smiliest little thing ever.

I think I jinxed myself after mentioning that she hadn't ever attempted to dig in anything.  because I kid you not,  the very next day she was in the cupboards emptying out the tupperware.  oh well, no harm there.  now if she starts scaling counters and climbing on top of the fridge and such, that's when I'll get concerned, lol.

I can't believe the BIG day is only a month away!  I'm trying to locate a good spot to take Scarlett's one year pictures, so if you live in the valley and know of a fun spot, let me know! (ahem, Sarah :) I'm thinking some sort of trees with white blossoms?  where can I find those??  help!

hope you all have a great weekend!



Crystal Lee Photography said...

she is so cute!..Olivia is on the same page, so I can totally relate...love it.

Anonymous said...

i know of some gorgeous trees with white blossoms in st cloud! They might be in bloom in a month if we're lucky! :):) ~Jess