weekend happenings.

Myra turned ten on Saturday.

cupcake idea from HERE.  go, Martha! (okay, maybe mine don't look EXACTLY like hers, but so what?) 

fortunately, a (large) group of friends stopped by before heading out of town to help celebrate!  wa-hoo!  happy birthday, Myra!  she was the recipient of a brand-spankin' new bike! (no shopping for this tomboy :) 

and then on Sunday we packed up and headed down the hill.

we spent the afternoon in Fountain Hills with a couple families.  it was the perfect way to spend a spectacular day!  quick question: how many of you are longing for the return of park days?  ouch my ears! :) 

well, that's about all I have as I'm trying to catch my breath today.  deep breath in, slow breath out.  looks like a gorgeous week on tap here in Flagstaff-- 70 by Friday!  hallelujah!  I think I'll be enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible, remember the training?  uh-huh.  

how about you?  any great plans this week?    



rose said...

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Kristin said...

uh...you said training??? better get a move on it over here!

Selma said...

I was trying to resist posting a comment but I just can't help it. Great pictures...especially the group picture with Mr. Nosepicker! The one of Rowan climbing up the slide is perfect - love the grubby feet and toes....

jessica said...

Ha! you're pretty observant, Selma! even I didn't notice that until you pointed it out! but then again, maybe I've just gotten so used to seeing kids with fingers up their noses that it doesn't even phase me anymore!