"I'm your big helper, right mom?"

Phoebe has been asking for a while now if she could make cookies.  obviously she's too little to do this unsupervised, so it was up to me to choose a day when it would work.  a day when I had a couple of uninterrupted hours in the afternoon, as well as the patience to give step by step instructions, telling her exactly what to do and how to do it.  oh, and let's not forget the mess.   

besides, I knew I'd be left to finish off the baking, not that I would let her take cookies out of the oven anyway, but still.  who else is like me and peters out half-way through baking cookies?  either that, or the last few pans always end up a little overdone. 

turns out, I could hardly get a word in edgewise: "mom, what do I do now.  mom, tell me already, you're taking waaaay too long.  mooooom, hurry up!" she was so stinkin' hilarious, especially when it came time to crack the eggs.   she thought that was the funniest thing ever, but then in the next breath she was all, "ewww, this is so groooosss!" when the egg got all over her hands.  she did a fairly good job, but after a while lost interest.  typical.  and pretty soon her and Rowan were throwing dough around instead.  the mess, remember?  
I absolutely love four year-olds.  they're right on the cusp before heading off to school, and are trying their hardest to figure life out.  boy are they inquisitive!  always a gazillion questions.  

when I asked her if I could take a few pictures of her making cookies, she made this sigh slash groaning noise before finally agreeing, "uggghhhh, I suh-pose."  she acts just like her auntie Jen, drama to the max! (heh, sorry Jen, couldn't resist :)  

aaand a few more Phoebe-isms:  

Phoebe: when someone goes, "ah-choo!" you're supposed to tell them, "less you."


Phoebe: "I just know when Ella is lying to me."

me: "how's that?"

Phoebe: "I can smell it."


Phoebe, while chatting on Gary's cell phone to her cousin Whitney: "my dad says I have to say good-bye now-- he needs to use MY phone."

what a girl!



Crystal Lee Photography said...

what a fun and special day with an adorable 4 year old!

Lisa Karvonen Johnson said...


Paula Hillukka said...

What a little sunshine! The fun part of parenting. :)

Anonymous said...

Just remember your making memories:)

Becca said...

She is so stinking cute - even if she thinks my butt is big !! Give her a hug from me... Gotta get her and Ella down again soon before they get too big.

Denise said...

She is too cute! I get a bang out of four yr olds too. I laugh so much at Annaka. Just think Jess, we used to hang out all the time when these big girls were little babies. Happy belated anniversary. I am a little slow...........

Anonymous said...

What priceless memories! Grandma K.

Anonymous said...

haha i love hearing what phoebe has to say they are my favorite :D