promises, promises.

I know, I know.  I promised I'd be back yesterday with something worthwhile and newsworthy, but listen.  Best Buy was completely sold out of the charger I needed.  apparently everyone else's macbook charger failed at the same exact time as mine.  go figure.     

anyway, the dude informed me he'd have them back in stock today.  let's hope he sticks by HIS promise so I can fulfill MY promise of a post with more substance.

in the meantime:

check it.  disregarding the ugly smart wool socks, my coffee cup and pj's match!  oh yeah, I am sooo coordinated.

(now if only I can get the rest of my life to follow suit.)

BIG sigh.



Briita M said...

at first i thought that was me w/my polka dot pjs, wool socks, coffee, computer...it's my life now that i'm on a 3 week recliner vacation and the house goes to pot...

Dan and Rita said...

looks like you lead a very relaxing life!! :) Where's Rowan by the way?