ten months.

in keeping with the 'monthly update' theme, may I present to you miss Scarlett Jean, age ten months.  plus a few days.  oh well, better late than never.

these are totally candid, off the cuff, real life, honest to goodness shots.  maybe a tinge out of focus.  but I love them (and her) just the same.

these last two images (below) capture Scarlett taking her first steps.  if she keeps it up, this would make her my earliest walker.  uh, not sure if that's a good or bad thing, especially with "that one kid just above her" as a role model.  they could very well turn into the "dynamic duo" and then I'd be doomed, or dead even.  

thus far she's proven to be a very mellow, easy-going gal-- she has yet to open a cupboard and dig in it or even splash in the toilet for that matter.  I think the worst thing she's ever done was suck on my computer charger until it became so corroded that it quit charging altogether.  apparently, she got a real charge out of that.  yuk, yuk.  as for me, after being charged $80 for a new charger, I was not the least bit charged up.  

well, let's hope she continues down the path of least resistance. (oh, right.  I suppose I should take the blindfold off her.  well you know, I didn't want Rowan giving her any bright ideas or anything ;)

on a completely different subject: do you ever wonder how a nickname or pet name evolves?

take Scarlett Jean for instance.  when I chose her name, I didn't take into account that within a month of her birth we'd be calling her "Jean Bean." and then somewhere along the way, and because "Jean Bean" didn't sound elegant enough, it morphed into "Beansie Weensie."  and since that didn't quite roll off the tongue very smoothly, she's now just plain old "Beans."  from Scarlett to Beans.  who knew?

that said, do you (or someone you know) have a nickname with a comical history behind it?  if so, I'd like to hear it.  I could really use a good laugh about now.

thanks in advance.



Pete and Becky said...

Cute pictures! 10 month old babies are my very favorite age! Something about their size, their actions and their personality...oh just love them at that age! No funny story about nicknames, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Your little Beans is adorable. Looks like the queen around there. Our little Willa was is now 1 yr and started walking when she was 11 months. She is my earliest walker and as soon as her feet started getting her places, she became extremely busy... so beware!! As far as nicknames, she became Willa-boo shortly after birth and is now Boo-Boos 99% of the time. Funny how the nicknames they get are far from what you would think up when simply trying to come up with a name in the first place.

Chet and Laura said...

Our Piper has turned into Pipsey-Wipsey-Poops-Her-Diapsey. There's nothing comical behind it, it just is fun to say. Plus, she thinks it's a pretty cool name. Our 4 year old calls her Pipes and the 2 year old calls her Papa. For almost a year, Tucker was FatBoy, but my dad put a stop to that before Tucker got old enough to understand what it means.

Selma said...

Okay, I've no kids but my own nicknames are as follows: Momma by Mel (there was a comic "Momma" and the author was Mel.)Bubba, Bubs, Bub (after a fat kid in a coloring book)This one stuck for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. My nieces and nephews even called me that and I got letters from my sister addressed to Bubba Niemela. And for awhile I was called Hairband Hippy (cuz I wore a hairband). One of my brothers called me Sammy and one nephew still calls me that.

Jeneric said...

love the swing pics! No story but I grew up with dave, luke, amber, curly, auntjenna or shenna banenna, gubbers, scratch a bee, smelly chelly, brick, ucka princess angel sleeping beauty snow white, evan and e-mory the blimp

Ramona Johnson said...

I love the pics. Seliina and Scarlett are at the same stage all the times it seems. Seliina has been attempting steps also and we call her "Beana". Wish we could get these two together. Once again, fabulous pics. I love looking at your blog.

Anita K said...

Cute, love the lighting in those pics. My own nicknames are Sweets & Grunders (didn't like clothes much when I was little)
Funny how kids get those names, Theodore goes by Teddy, Theo, Theoadorable, little-bird & birdy-bird. Sometimes just bird. (the bird comes from him looking like a wise owl after birth)
Oh, and Micah is King Micah, King-Micah-Must-Be-Held, his royal highness, or Micah-Micah-motorcycle. I could go on... :)

ps There is something about the children born in 2008, all the ones i know are crazy!

Denise said...

Boy she looks big now and oh that age is adorable. I love when they become these little people, but then its like, wait, where did our little baby girl go? Do not even get me started on nicknames. Each kids has many, some I have even made into a song. When I sing them, Garett will say please do not sing that when my friends come over:)

Anonymous said...

heeheee!! scarlett is so cute..
my sister Cheryl.. we called her Shell. then it became Sheb. Then Seb. Then it got worse: Sub.

Now she's officially a sandwich.

Crystal Lee Photography said...

Love all these comments, I too got a good laugh!I know all too well how nicknames stick, I grew up with Punt, Goose, Sheto, Buddy, Pogs, and I could never understand how a person would get a nickname...well now I know...My Nelson, we would call him "baby love" then it turned into "lovie"...the older kids would address him as "lovie", the neighbor kids only knew him as "lovie" and when you'd ask him his name, he would say "lovie'...for the longest time I could NOT get him to say "Nelson"...too funny...as cute as it was, I didn't want him to be in school, stuck with that name, to I put an end to it (tho sometimes he is still addresses that way). My baby Olivia gets called "bookey boo" or just "bookey", "love bug" and even at times "love bug bookey boo". And when the kids are learning to talk and they can't pronounce the other names, I start saying them the same way. Our family consists of: Austie, Nay-Nay, Lovie and Bookey.

Linda said...

Well, I just wanted to say that I love the name Scarlett! In fact, I've tried to name a few grandbabies that :)...someday! A few nicknames we've had around here are Bugsy (a name that went away for a few years and returned, probably to his dismay, when he was pretty much an adult), Brig, Brigitilly, Birgitta, londonbrigittesfallingdown, Whittymagoo, Whits, Tates, Tatertot, Topthetater, Maggiemoomoo, Mugsa, Fan, Fanny, Fannyfoofoo, Binger, Bingidybingidybang, Jaako, Jediboo, Jedidiahwasabullfrog, Treytiemac, Treyts, Brynnie, Brisabella. They still come when called...most of the time :)