I'll be back.

Scarlett had a blast at the little water park in Anthem.
just taking a short break as we're currently in the throes of spring cleaning.

  • wipe out cupboards, drawers, and pantry
  • clean out fridge
  • wash blinds
  • snuggle with Scarlett
  • touch up walls with paint
  • chase Rowan out of the fridge
  • wipe down baseboard, doors, furniture, light fixtures, ceiling fans
  • organize closets
  • read books to Phoebe and Rowan
  • scour tubs
  • snuggle with Scarlett
  • wash and pack away winter gear
  • clean appliances
  • haul Rowan down from the top pantry shelf where he discovered the package of store bought cookies
the list goes on...

who else has attempted spring cleaning?  anyone??  or am I the only crazy one???



Anonymous said...

I try! But with 6 littles 7 and under it seems not much gets accomplished! I got my oven done yesterday in nap time:) Good luck with your cleaning and organizing. ~natalie m

Anita said...

As soon as the temp hits 40 outside, I'm itching to get it done! Shampooed the carpets over the weekend and it feels awesome to have it done. Happy cleaning!

Amy Witt said...

Maybe thats what I need to do to get some fresh energy! Thanks for the motivation:)
P.S. your training sounds fun!! Way to go!

Briita said...

every spring and fall break. not that it gets done so well but gives kiddos something to do!

jen said...

I'm in the middle of a major reorganization of my craft supplies and fabric stash. Should take a while. Now if I could work uninterrupted...

able mabel said...

I did a bit of it last week. Went thru all the toys and then a few closets. Still have to tackle the winter outerware and clothes.

Dan and Rita said...

I have tried a few times, but I do believe the kids have a radar that says "Mom plans on being busy for a couple of hours, she must be having fun, let's go see!!" So yes, we usually end up reading books or going through buckets with kids emptying the things that were just perfectly put in there! LOL Then we just toss them in the bucket and be glad that at least they are in the bucket before getting stored for the season!! (Just so they don't see the goodwill bag!)