old friends.

hey, I was only kidding when I said I was going to take a quick break.  really, I've never been one to stay quiet for too long, maybe three seconds max. funny, because that's exactly how long it takes Rowan to scheme between attacks.  just sayin'.     

actually, and before I go mum again (this time for real), I just HAD to get these photos off my chest and onto this blog for you to see, especially after sorting through and editing them.  they make my heart happy-- the vibrant hues remind me of brightly colored jelly beans, the grubby hands and pink cheeks of carefree summer days, and the smiles and laughter of being in the company of dear, old friends. 

we spent Sunday afternoon visiting those old (to clarify: by old, I don't mean age-wise) friends, the kind of friends that no matter how much time passes in between visits, whether it be months or years, you can easily pick up where you left off, like it was just yesterday.  comfortable, like an old pair of jeans.  those are certainly the best kind of friends, agreed?    

Sylvie and I became fast friends, especially after showing her these pictures I took.  is she not the cutest little sweets ever?
grubby hands and faces.  fortunately that's not dog doo doo on Scarlett's face, although it sure looks like it.
the two year-olds had a blast playing in the sand.
we went for a walk around the park and snapped a couple photos of these giggly girls.
Phoebe insisted on walking the dog, or maybe I should say the dog insisted on walking Phoebe as she tried her best to maintain a grip on the leash.  what a hoot.
"make new friends, but keep the old.  one is silver and the other, gold."
we visited and laughed until the sun slipped beneath the horizon, until the last slivers of twilight melted into inky darkness.  and then we had to use the flashlight app on our phones in order to collect our belongings.  smart phones to the rescue!

it was a most lovely day indeed.


PS. I've come to the conclusion that my passion lies with capturing those candid, "slice of life moments."  posing, not so much.


Keilah said...

Great photos! Both the candid and the posed.
I love all the bright colors!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute pictures as always!:-) Was lots of fun at the park!!~Tara