last weekend.

I've been in a tailspin all week, you know, the one step forward, two five steps back thing.  where the faster I try to get things done, like attempting to multi-task and whatnot, the klutzier I become, therefore creating nothing besides... ugh, more disasters.  you all know what I'm talking about, right?  say yes! 

for example, let's say you're in the middle of baking cookies, when suddenly you get this bright idea to mop the kitchen floor.  you know, the old 'kill two birds with one stone' concept that makes you want to beat your chest and scream, "I AM SUPERMOM!  I CAN DO ANYTHING!"  uh huh, yeah.  and so, as you're taking a pan of cookies out of the oven, what do you do?  you back up into the stinking mop bucket causing it to spill over the entire floor, that's.what.you.do.  sigh.  please tell me I'm not the only one who does these things!  grumble. 

also, as I was trail running yesterday afternoon, I suddenly had this fleeting thought; am I like crazy to be running down this mountain?  what if one of these times I trip and fall?  the trail is pretty rough in spots (lots of rocks, boulders and tree roots to jump over, etc.), and a fall could potentially cause some serious injury, especially if you were to come crashing down on one of those boulders.  

literally, no sooner had the thought left my mind, when my foot didn't quite clear a tree root and I went sprawling.  for an instant, I felt like superwoman, flying through the air! wheeeee!  but then like it always does, gravity took over and I hit the dirt hard, skinning up both palms, my right knee and outer thigh.  for a moment I just laid there, too stunned to move.  fortunately, I happened to be at a *smoother* spot along the trail, so I figured I'd make it.  but ooh, then the pain hit.  and the gouges in my palms started to bleed.  but, pain and bleeding aside, I still had to get myself off this mountain.  so, I stood up, winced a little, brushed the dirt off, winced a little bit more, and started running again.  apparently, I'm a slow learner.  feel free to chew me out.  

well anyway, enjoy these pics from last weekend.  we had a grand time.            

the water was chilly-- like 50 something degrees.  brrr!
if your dad doesn't appear to be listening to you, just give him a little hair pull.  that should get his attention right quick.

we kept Easter dinner stress free this year by going picnic-style-- no oven needed.  on the menu: ham buns, pasta and fruit salad, deviled eggs-- mmm, it was yummy!  Kim had set up tables outside, so we spent the entire day relaxing, visiting, and enjoying the nice, warm breeze... ahh, the life!

while the kids had a rip-roaring water balloon fight-- boys against girls.  below, Clara and Abby get ready to ambush the boys when they come through the gate.

don't mess with G.I. Jane because you just might get hit where it counts... 

and perhaps my favorite photo of the day, taken by my niece Meghan:

the end.

have a great weekend!


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Briita said...

always enjoy your photos! have a great hike and looking forward to more awesome photos:)