from the time he was knee-high to a grasshopper, Jake has occupied a fair amount of will and determination.  with a bit of competitiveness mixed in, too.  not that that's always a bad thing, because in some ways, it forces you to push yourself farther, to do better, to accomplish something maybe you wouldn't have otherwise.

in fact, I've felt that even now while training for our upcoming hike.  some days I feel extra lazy about getting my butt off the couch to exercise, and start making up all these excuses like, "it's too cold," or "it's too windy."  blah, blah, blah.  but then I think, well geez, I don't want to be the one falling behind, choking on everyone's dust.  not that I'm striving to be the leader of the pack, either.  ha.  no, I'm just aiming for somewhere in between, that's all.  but hey, give me a break!  nine kids has taken a toll on the ole bod. not to mention age.  and now I'm just making up more excuses ;-)

so anyway, when Jake decides he wants to become expert at something, whether it be yo-yo-ing, juggling, a certain trick on the trampoline, etc, he dives in head first.  forget the 'dabbling around in everything' business.  he focuses on the one activity and keeps on practicing, practicing, and practicing until he masters it.  I'm pretty sure he lives by the motto: if at first you don't succeed, then try, try again.

his latest tangent has been doing wheelies.  I think it's pretty impressive, but you'll have to check  it out for yourself.    

way to go, Jake!



mom of many said...

wow! he is good! how old is this kid?

jessica said...

he's 13 :-)

Anonymous said...

very impressive! Joleen

Briita said...

impressive indeed! like my eldest, we'll be out for a bike ride, up a hill, and while he's waiting for the ole mom he'll wheelie his way up! good idea to capture on video and love the pic too!

Anonymous said...

Thats really good! Now he needs a unicycle.

able mabel said...

Yea, get him a unicycle. While we were mountain biking in Moab this spring, we met a group of unicyclers on the trail. Very impressive!