wanted: motivation.

I could certainly use a healthy dose of motivation right about... NOW!


first, because it's snowing, and that like, really, REALLY stinks, although I'm trying my best to remain indifferent about it.  okay fine, I'll put up with some of this nonsense because in all truthfulness, I can't think of anywhere else that has such a beautiful climate year-round, and still has all four seasons.  heh.  so what's a little snow on April 8th?  okay, so maybe that doesn't sound too convincing.  

second, I have just a few more jobs to wrap up with this whole spring cleaning business, and I'm seriously dragging my feet about finishing them off. it appears my stick-to-itiveness has vanished along with the motivation.  plus, my arms are about to fall off from all the scrubbing, and my hands look like they've aged about 20 years.  and my nails?  uh, what nails?  but hey!  I ordered cherry red counter stools for my kitchen, and they should be arriving any day they just showed up!  and yes!  I'll have a sparkling clean kitchen to place them in!  totally worth it! (followed by 20 more exclamation points!) did that sound any more convincing?

and third, I've been trying to ween Scarlett off the bottle, and wow has she been Crabby, with a capital C.  and since she's never been one to be Crabby, I'm not sure what to do with her, besides offer my condolences, of which she's none to appreciative.  at least that's what it seems like when, upon offering her a sippy cup, she bats my hand away and yells, "maaaaaa!" (kinda sounds like a bleating sheep.) oh well, maybe she'll sing a different tune once she sees these on her feet, something like "yaaaaaa, maaaaaan! bananas!"  seriously thougharen't these the cutest little things you ever did see?  wish they sold them in my size ;-) (from see kai run)

so anyway, I'm thinking I best take this saying to heart:

or what?

happy Friday, and have a great weekend!  and send some motivation this way, please!


PS. oh and I almost forgot to mention this exciting news: Ruth and Mark had a little girl yesterday, Molly Sofia!  congratulations and God's blessings to both of them!  shoot, everyone's catching up to me with number nine.  I better do something about that!  hehehehheeuuurk.


Briita said...

yea, you better do something about that and think of a new blog title while you're at it! Love those shoes. off to buy them, until i see the price, i'm sure!

Dan and Rita said...

Fun for Mark and Ruth!!! Congratulations to them!! Darling shoes! I'm sure she will willing give up the bottle for those shoes!! No more complaining from her I'm sure! And your motivation problem will probably solved when the snow quits!! We were all lacking motivation here for about a month! LOL