basket case.

as much as I love getting away with the hubby, there's always a certain amount of stress that comes along with it, especially when we're leaving behind so many wee ones. it's an ENORMOUS undertaking for the two of us to "escape," one that involves much preparation and coordinating on my part in order to make it happen.  wait, make that enormous x's ten gazillion.  then, take that answer and double it.  maybe that would be more accurate.  heh.

in fact there have been numerous times where we've thought, hey! wouldn't it be fun to go to Hawaii?  or somewhere tropical, at least.  but by the time we're done going through the logistics of such a grandiose trip, we're both anxious and hyperventilating.  needless to say, those trips never make it out of the planning stage before we've put the kibosh on them.  besides, to bribe someone into babysitting nine kids for a say, a week, we'd have to prit near fork over our life savings.


obviously, I want to make it as smooth as possible for the poor soul kind-hearted individual who will be over-seeing our brood.  like meals planned, making sure the fridge is stocked, house cleaned, medical consent written out and signed, because what if someone winds up sick or hurt, just to name a few.  to me, that's just common courtesy.  I mean really, I can't think of anyone who'd be overly thrilled to be greeted by a towering pile of laundry, or the remains of a food fight scattered across the kitchen as we dash out the door.  "see ya!  oh and by the way, the van is out of gas, and oops, I forgot to buy milk!"  no, that just wouldn't fly.  

consequently, with so many things to remember to do, my brain starts to short out.  thoughts begin popping up in my head, with no rhyme or reason whatsoever.  one second I'll be thinking about what I need to pack for the trip.  the next, I'm reminding myself that I need to pick up more diapers.  as these arbitrary thoughts repeatedly enter my head, the more scatterbrained I become, and pretty soon I'm telling Gary things like, "don't let me forget to pack diapers."

"diapers?" he questions.  "aren't you potty-trained?"

"no.  actually yes.  I mean, I don't know."  HELP!  I can't think straight anymore!

oh well.  I'm sure everyone will survive, but still.  it's hard not to stress about it.

please tell I'm not the only worry wart!



Anonymous said...

You aren't the only worry wart - which is why we never do vacations with just the two of us. But, somehow it seems you always manage to pull everything off. Not only will your house be sparkling, cupboards stocked, laundry done, but you will manage to look like a million bucks out there on your hike. Don't know how you do it! Have fun! Joleen

Ramona Johnson said...

I agree with Joleen! Have a fun hike! Can't wait to see all your pictures!

able mabel said...

See now if you were coming camping with us instead, you'd have WAY less to worry about.

Briita said...

it takes weeks to prepare for a wknd away and weeks to get back on track but that said, i'm not feeling sorry for you cuz i sure wish we were going! keith suggested i go but for some reason he didn't offer that i leave 2 month baby behind!???

jen said...

It will be worth it! Better to get your worrying done now before you leave than to save it for during your hike.