where in the world is Jessica Kesti?

hmmm, it appears that I've been MIA for exactly one week.  where have I been...  

beeeeep... beeeeep... beeeeep

we interrupt this regular scheduled broadcast with an important news flash:

we have just been informed (by an unknown source) that Jessica, noted author of the famous blog "Room For Nine," was recently sighted in the Havasupai Indian village, more specifically just outside the Supai grocery store, flirting with the dapper young gentleman in the light green, button-up shirt (pictured far right).           

according to this same source, we're told they are 99.9% positive he's the one, as Jessica apparently has a strict aversion to the color yellow.  also wide leg jeans and purple plaid shirts cause her to run screaming in the other direction.

after reading her last post, the one in which she likened herself to a "basket case" (or something along those lines), we have reason to believe she may be a bit uh, "off her rocker," and therefore not thinking very logically.  this leaves us quite concerned, because as you very well know, she can tend to do some crazy things while in that state of mind, like a 25-mile hike for instance.

in the meantime, we'll be canvassing the entire village, and scouting along the trail in search of clues; asking kids at the local school, knocking on homes and businesses, interviewing other hikers, even the livestock.

that said, if you, or anyone you know has ANY information regarding her whereabouts, please contact us at 1-800-NINEKIDS.

we thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and promise to update you as more facts become available.


Amy Mullins said...

Kinda makes ya feel small in God's Universe.

able mabel said...

If you follow the sound of the clicking shutter on the camera, you'll probably find her.

Paula Hillukka said...

Makes me wish I was "lost" somewhere around those parts! :)

Selma said...

Okay, since you're not interested, I'd like to get to know the guy in the yellow shirt. But if I have to hike 25 miles to get to know him ... I'll pass. sigh.