so what's all the hype about?

first let me clarify: no, we're not expecting twins contrary to what some of you had guessed, although wouldn't that be something if we were blessed with twin Rowans?  oh boy.  ultimate death sentence right there.  and no, we're not moving either (in fact we just signed another year lease on this rental :-)

so what is this shocking news then?  why am I suddenly forced to eat toe jam?

you guys, I'M GOING CAMPING.  meaning, I'm gonna have to squat behind a shrub to go potty.    

I know what you're thinking: like what's so earth-shattering about going camping, am I right?

well, let me explain.  you see, I haven't been camping with the family in ten years.  TEN!  I had such a rotten experience, that I vowed I'd never tent it again.  like, NEVER.EVER.AMEN (and as most of my friends know, I've been very adamant about it too-- I decline any and all camping invites.)  anyway, it was a complete nightmare; the kids were up crying and whining all night, everyone was cold, hubby kept beefing it, our air mattress sprung a leak, etc, etc.  needless to say, I didn't get a wink of sleep thee entire weekend.  from then on, whenever Gary suggested we go camping, I'd say, "sure. just give me the key to the hotel room."  and so he continued to camp, while I stayed home with the baby.

but now, I'm willing to take back what I said and give it another shot.  why the sudden change of heart?  I don't know, maybe I'm less of a wimp now.  or maybe I've come to realize how much the kids enjoy camping-- just listening to their stories makes me yearn to be a part of the excitement.  although to watch their faces change from white to brown to jet black, does not excite me in the least.  I have to force myself to look at the dirtiness as part of the... experience, if you will.       

we have a slightly different game plan this time around.  the older kids will sleep in tents, while Gary, myself, Rowan and Scarlett will sleep in the big, white van; aka, house on wheels.  we'll just take the bench seats out once we get there, throw an air mattress and pack 'n play in the back, and then call ourselves red-necks.  I'm telling you, these 12-passenger vans are the bomb.  obviously they don't radiate  "coolness" or sophistication, but it doesn't mean that in order to be qualified to drive one, you have to wear black stretch pants.

proof that you can have a pile of kids AND still be classy:

I'm not quite sure which act I'm more skilled at: modeling, or talking while videoing.  I do know this: I'm a pro at producing kids.
so, anyone need a van?

anyway, I'll be sure to fill you in next week on how the weekend went.  hmmm, will she love it or will the tent go up in flames?  stay tuned...

wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend!  have fun and be safe!


PS. don't let me forget to pack nose plugs, in case a certain "someone" consumes too many beans.  RIPE!


Anonymous said...

ooo sounds like fun! Hope this time goes better than the last! And i think everyone would agree that you've got style!! :) ~jess

Kara said...

You are GREAT!! I love the classy pictures in front of the white bus!
This is good news though, because maybe you guys will meet us in Moab sometime to go camping!
Have a blast! And I can't wait to see the pictures!

Kristin said...

Yay! Have fun...although so far we aren't going camping this weekend...but we would love to meet you sometime too! And you got style! Just get a kick out of your blog all the time! you never know, we just might join you in the big bus thing too...

Anonymous said...

That is awesome your going to give it another try... even for the kids sake. Sounds like you have it figured out how to make it more enjoyable than the last time. Have a great weekend!!! LynetteG