Sunday afternoon drive.

don't fret, it looks a lot worse than it really was :-)

ever had a bad case of 'The Sunday Doldrums?'  next time, instead of moping around, just hop in your car and go for a drive!  there's so much to see and discover right in your very own backyard.  why not take advantage of it?

the world is a such beautiful place!  I command you: go forth and explore!  


PS. I think we're starting to rival Christopher Columbus with all this exploring and adventuring ;-) life is grand!  


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics (as always)! Joleen

AMullins said...

Did you let Rowan keep the lizard? Salamander? Geiko? Slimy little creature?

Anonymous said...

Look at that clear clean water! Here in Minnesota we dont get that too often in the spring. Brown and muddy!