to be completely honest, the past couple weeks have been a bit, how would I describe it, colorless maybe?  unvaried, perhaps?  how about moth-eaten?  vapid?  stale? repetitious?  wait, I know!  PLATITUDINOUS.  say wha...?  well, you get the idea.  aside from the day to day monotony; cleaning, laundry, cooking, and so on and so forth, there's been a whole lot of nothin' going on around here.

in fact, yesterday I was so desperate for action that I almost (read: never in a million years) begged Rowan to just "DO SOMETHING ALREADY, WON'T YOU?"  shave your head!  color the walls!  rummage through the pantry!  pour juice all over the floor!  break the law, I don't care!  anything to tear me away from sitting here, staring blankly out the living room window.

have all of you reading this fallen asleep and drooled spit out the corner of your mouths yet?  no?  get on that.

no seriously.  it seems like the week days have been dragging on for--ev--er lately.  to make matters worse, I've been in a picture-taking slump as well, pulling my phone out for my photo-a-day project more than my "real" camera.  sad, but true.

oh.  and one more thing, lest you thought I was done lamenting.  I've been feeling "fat" as opposed to feeling "pregnant."  you know, that REALLY awkward stage of pregnancy where maternity clothes are too loose and sloppy, and regular clothes are too tight and cling to all the wrong places, blah, blah, blah.  and so I end up spending two-thirds of the day loafing around in my PJ's, and the other third in work-out clothes.  jealous?  I know you are.

obviously, there's only one thing to do about this sad state of affairs: group hug!  wait, make that two things: if all else fails, buy a pair of shoes.  or five.  because hey!  at least my shoe size always stays the same, if nothing else does.  pa-tooey.     

I know, I know.  I realize I should appreciate the mundane, embrace it even, because all too soon the kiddos will be on summer break (10 days and counting) and then life will be all crazy, busy again.  excuse me, did I just say 10 days???  forget the boredom, I just suffered a full blown anxiety attack.  I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or crawl under my bed and rock back and forth.  better call the looney bin, people.

ahem, anyway.

here's to ordinary, every day life!

oh, and Rowan.  please disregard what I said earlier, as I suddenly had a change of heart.  I'll take boring any day, thanks.



Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Better watch what you wish for - I heard the Flagstaff school district had a full blow lice attack lately, and the chicken pox are going around, and let's see..what else? Hee, hee.

Amy Wittenberg said...

I hear ya on the in between pg stage! Yuck! Except I am only 16wks and my uterus is measuring a whopping 22wks! I guess its a good thing thou, cause I know the babies are growing:) I'm hoping the belly starts looking like there is babies in there rather than cheeseburgers, sooner rather than later! Just a little... ;)