back in the swing of things.

hey!  how you doin'?

so, contrary to what some people a certain person named Leann seems to think, I have not, I repeat HAVE NOT, been loafing around on my duff since I returned home from our little girlfriend outing, although wouldn't that be great?  to come home from four blissful days of relaxing (where I didn't have to lift a finger except to feed myself) and just continue to roost on my throne?  like,  hey, you over there!  I need a cold drink pronto!  and here, put my dirty lunch dishes in the sink while you're at it.  oh, and my aching back!  could you, I mean would you mind, you know, just massaging it a bit?  pretty pleeeease?  I'll give you a dollar. (btw, I tried that once, but no one took me up on the offer. hm, wonder why?)

while that definitely sounds like a dream come true, unfortunately there's no such thing as simply easing back into the trenches.  the second I walk through the door, there are mouths demanding food, diapers begging to be changed, errands to be run, laundry to be washed, babies needing attention, toddlers throwing tantrums, and on and on it goes.  and while I'm grateful to return home to my family, having missed my kids and hubby, I always need a couple days to transition back into the swing of things (read: ditch the "post-vacation irritable mom" syndrome), especially after having just relished in a little "me" time.

are you, my fellow moms, with me on this?  or am I the only one who sulks around for weeks a day or two after returning home, screeching WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?  AND WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME MOM?


truth is, I enjoyed my little reprieve immensely.  and I'm almost certain the other gals would wholeheartedly agree with me on that, minus not being able to poop the entire four days.  but hey, what would vacation be without a little backup?

I know.  here I am going on about poop, when I should be talking about all the fun things we did, like eating.  and stopping for coffee.  you know, the two most vital nutrients critical to sustaining life.

see?  here's proof.

next up: a photo of me sporting red shoes acting like my usual self at the top of a 14,000 ft. mountain, among other things.

you seriously don't want to miss it.



Anonymous said...

oh thats looks like alot of fun! :) im sure it is so nice to get a break every now and then! ~jess

Amy Wittenberg said...

Mmmmmmm...Those sweet potatoe fries look delish!! My mouth is watering;) I love wknd getaways, and can totally empathize with the day or two adjustment! Sorry to break it to you, you are normal, in that respect anyways;)

jen said...

Sulking is a great way to describe the post-vacation funk. "At loose ends" is another. It was just so nice to get some time off. See how relaxed we were!

Anonymous said...

waiting for more pics!! :)