Denver, continued.

okay, okay.  so maybe I exaggerated a bit.  we actually did partake in other activities besides eating and sipping coffee.

I mean obviously, we shopped.

which reminds me.  after procuring our rental car, we suddenly found ourselves ravenously hungry, near death almost. (and before you start wondering if we're just a bunch of moms with the munchies or what, mind you we had been awake since 3:30 a.m. and had not eaten anything since that time, save for a measly package of airline pretzels, so there.)  

as we drove along (very unfamiliar with the Denver area), we decided we'd settle on the first spot we laid eyes on, or maybe I should say the first place my phone navigated us to.  this happened to be Panda Express.

and so over orange chicken and lo mein, we quickly caught up on each other's lives, asking important questions like so, you still knee deep in diapers?  kidding.

after finishing our lunch, the other ladies headed out to the car, while I went back to the counter to grab a fortune cookie.  on my way out, I swung by the trash can to throw away the wrapper, pausing briefly to break open the cookie and quickly read the fortune inside.  no lie, this is exactly what it said:
lavish spending can be disastrous.   be careful.

my eyes widened in disbelief.  it sounded precisely like something my conservative husband would say.  in fact as I turned my head to peer over my shoulder, I halfway expected to see him standing there shaking his finger at me as if to say, "remember now, spend wisely."  but alas, no Gary.  just another unfamiliar face impatiently waiting for me to get a move on so he could discard his trash.  you guys, that was like, simultaneously creepy and funny.  and now I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of the fortune, doggone it.

we spent Friday evening strolling up and down the streets at Cherry Creek North, browsing through the quaint shops.  we stumbled across a fun pizza place (can't remember the name) where we ate a late dinner.  mmm, delish.  and then it was back to the hotel for cheesecake, coffee, and more yakking until waaay past our bedtimes.

sisters: Jen and Jodie

on our way downtown Saturday morning, we quickly swung into a local farmer's market.  and while there was definitely some cool stuff being peddled off, like these colorful woven baskets and sumptuous looking vine-ripened tomatoes (below), sadly we all left empty-handed.  but not because we wanted to.  no, the issue was more like how do you go about squeezing any purchases into an already jam-packed carry-on suitcase?     

after arriving downtown, we wandered in and out of a few boutiques, where the clothing was similar in price to a small car.  like seriously, I want to know who buys this stuff. I mean super cute and all, but $300 for a shirt?  really?  poor hubby would surely suffer a heart attack, LOL.

feeling musical?  main street was littered with pianos, where you could sit down and plunk out a tune if you felt so inclined.  if not, then how about a game of chess with the street boys?  no?

and that my friends is where I'll have to stop.  I know, I know.  I promised red shoes on top of a 14, 000 foot mountain.  BUT.  that'll have to wait until next week.  my sincere apologies!

we have a busy weekend ahead.  starting today, I get (have?) to bring two teenagers shopping for their upcoming trip to Minnesota (they leave on Monday.)  and don't forget haircuts, too.  that should be fun, right?  RIGHT?  I told Jake, "look. you either get it cut now, or else grandma will most certainly take the clippers to it, your pick."  "fine, I'll do it now," he grumbles.  on Saturday, we're hiking up Humphrey's peak with a few of the kiddos.  and then on Sunday, we're hosting services here in Flagstaff at 4:00 p.m. sooo, if you're around this weekend and in the area, welcome!  we love visitors!

be back soon.


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