business as usual.

get up.  eat breakfast.  wipe baby's nose.  wipe toddler's nose.  throw a load of clothes in the washer.  make coffee.  change baby's diaper.  change the almost three year-old's diaper.  remind myself (again) that I NEED to get that kid potty trained already.  unload dishwasher.  load dishwasher.  check email.  switch loads.  repeat 37 times. except I really don't eat 37 breakfasts, in case you were wondering.  

hello, Monday!

we spent the day at the lake yesterday.  and while I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the warm breeze and listening to the kids' laughter as they splashed and frolicked in the waves, unfortunately my camera spent most of the day lounging in the diaper bag.  apparently, it was in need of a little down time, too.  or something like that.      

by the way, I just looked at the ten-day forecast-- nothing but sunshine and 70's.  factor in no bugs and no humidity and I'm thinking that's about as close to perfect as it gets.


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