Denver, the finale.

something's not right.

it's 2:30 in the afternoon and I'm actually sitting down, sipping a cup of coffee and about to bite into a banana chocolate chip muffin fresh out of the oven.  the house is clean, the wash is done (for the day), the kids are busy entertaining themselves, and no one is even hollering.  like I said, this just isn't right.

ever since I returned home from Denver I've been in overdrive, running here, there and everywhere, a flurry of constant motion and activity.  and so to sit here doing absolutely nothing feels, well, downright weird.

don't get me wrong, I'm definitely enjoying it.

and so before the situation changes, which it very well could at any given moment-- calm one second, hurricane the next-- I thought I'd quickly post the rest of the Colorado pictures.

*note: the time is now 5:30.  the house is a bomb, the kids are hollering, and Rowan has gone through approximately three outfits since then.  I didn't get too far, did I.  sigh. 

on Sunday, we drove up Mt. Evans Scenic Byway, the highest paved road in North America.  the views were breathtaking, the air a chilly 39 degrees.  of course it never even crossed my mind to toss a winter jacket and hat in my suitcase, so good thing Leann had an extra one hanging around, which I gladly donned once we got about halfway up.

Jen, my sister-in-law and preggo companion. (btw, this is her 13th. THIRTEEN! I know, doesn't she look great? :-) 
did I mention the VIEWS were fantastic?  I mean, just look at those calves, er snow-capped mountains I'M SO SORRY.
big-horn sheep.  we also saw a marmot.

to get to the actual "summit," we had to hike up about a quarter mile.  the wind was gusting and it was freezing, freezing, freezing.  did I mention it was freezing?  anyway, after exerting ourselves at 14,000+ feet, I'm almost positive we started suffering from a little oxygen deprivation, on top of the frost bite.  well, I'll let you be the judge (see pictures below.)  

the turban sisters.  
again, I DO NOT know who keeps letting this goon out of the house.

this concludes the Denver episodes.  I hope you enjoyed following along looking at the pictures.

did I say "looking at the pictures?"



Kristin said...

So nice. Would have been really fun if I could have made it!

Sue Hill said...

Of course I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I always do! Sounds like a lovely and relaxing weekend!

Kara said...

I enjoyed the pictures and realized I should have tried a little harder to make it! I'm still drooling over your picture of the sweet potato fries!!

Anonymous said...

looks like fun fun FUN!

Amy Wittenberg said...

Isn't it crazy how calm things can be one minute, and your thinking, "see, I can handle this no problem!" Then WHAMO! It all goes out the window in SECONDS!! We don't even need to ride the rollercoaster to experience severe adrenaline changes in a matter of seconds!! ;)