post scrubbing.

so Rowan came in the house the other day with what appeared to be a thick coat of mud on his hands.  only as I got closer, I quickly realized that it was definitely NOT mud.

it was, dare I say it?  POOP.  apparently, he had taken it upon himself to unearth his own "buried treasure."

however, that's another hour of my life lost to poop.  you add up all those hours and realize, man, poop is needy.



Kimberly said...

Awesome, gotta love poop!!!

If it makes you feel better. i was giving my kids a bath. I left the room to go get towels. I hear Cutler yelling "Kapri, stop! Kapri, STOP! Kapri, stop pooping in the tub." Sure enough... the tub had floaties.

Keilah said...

LOL! sorry, I can't help but crack up. Since it's not me trying to clean up the poop, I'll laugh. It's a wonder we moms can keep our sanity, huh!?

jessica said...

@Kim- I am cracking up: "the tub had floaties." LOL! now that's definitely a MAJOR backwash.

Selma said...

Dontcha know? Recent studies have shown poop to be a great moisturizer... Re: tub floaties, when you gotta go, you gotta go.